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Your Dream, Our Craftsmanship

Our commitment to customization ensures that each home reflects its owner's unique preferences. From preliminary sketches to the final decorative touches.

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Discover Your Dream Home with Our Current Listings

Whether you're a first-time buyer, upgrading, or investing, find the perfect match for your needs. Explore now and turn your dream home into a reality.

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Transform Your Vision into Reality

Whether it's a dream home or a business endeavour, we're here to bring your project to life. Reach out to us and let's turn your ideas into reality. Your vision, our expertise.

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Current Listings

A Custom Home Builder


We collaborate closely with you, assessing your property's unique attributes and understanding local standards. Through meticulous analysis, we tailor designs that blend seamlessly with the environment, ensuring your home aligns with your vision while upholding the highest construction and aesthetic standards.

Building Plan

At Perfection Builders, our Building Blueprint process is crucial, meticulously guiding every project from initial design to completion. With a keen eye for detail, we ensure that every plan perfectly mirrors the client's vision, leading to streamlined construction and an end result that truly captures the intended design essence.

Our Goal

We're dedicated to transforming client visions into bespoke residential masterpieces that epitomize quality and elegance. Leveraging our vast experience, we prioritize transparency, collaboration, and a blend of timeless and contemporary designs, turning every dream into a tangible reality.

About Us

Founded in 2003 by Eric Gauthier, Perfection Builders stands as a trusted name in residential construction, specializing in both custom and spec homes. With years of experience under our belt, we possess the skills, knowledge, and dedication required to bring your project to completion on time and within budget.

Partnering with us means entering a collaborative journey. We'll work closely with you, understanding your vision, to design and build a home that's tailored to your needs, meets your high standards, and respects your budget. Every step of the way, our focus remains on ensuring top-notch construction quality, making your dream home a tangible reality.

Our commitment to customization ensures that each home reflects its owner's unique preferences. From preliminary sketches to the final decorative touches, Perfection Builders is dedicated to a building process that is as individual as you are.

Our enthusiasm for our work shines through in every project. We treat each home as a unique masterpiece, always striving to exceed our customers' expectations. With a foundation built on using robust and durable construction materials, we're adept at melding both timeless elegance and contemporary flair in our designs. Plus, our responsive team is always at hand, ensuring you're kept in the loop and fully satisfied with the progress.

Our Services

Perfection Builders provides a comprehensive suite of construction services. From design consultation to final construction, we ensure precision at every step. Our expertise spans various facets of building, always prioritizing your vision.

Explore our offerings and see how we make your construction goals a reality.


Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling

Revitalize the heart and soul of your home with our kitchen and bathroom remodeling. We blend functionality with aesthetic appeal to create spaces you'll love.

Landscaping, Fencing & Decks

Let us transform your outdoor spaces into green havens and entertainment zones. Our landscaping, fencing, and decking solutions combine beauty with durability.


Protect your home from the elements with our top-tier roofing services. We offer both installation and repair, ensuring your roof stands the test of time.

Repair of Leaky Buildings

Don't let water damage bring down your property's value. Our specialized team can quickly diagnose and rectify any leak-related issues, ensuring longevity and peace of mind.

Office Fit Outs

Modernize and optimize your office space with our tailored fit-out solutions. We craft environments that boost productivity and reflect your company's ethos.

Joinery Installation

Elevate your interiors with our expert joinery installations. From custom cabinets to intricate woodwork, we add a touch of sophistication to any space.

Our Portfolio

Our work speaks for itself. Within our portfolio, you'll find a showcase of homes that exemplify our commitment to quality and design. Each project, whether grand or intimate, reflects our dedication to our clients' visions. Browse through to witness firsthand the craftsmanship and attention to detail that define Perfection Builders.


From Our Clients

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